Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Student Entitlement

I found this link on Guido and it is utterly incredible.  Completely beyond parody. There are students out there who seriously think that their plight is comparable to that of starving African kids.  The whole group of them dreamt up the idea, booked the recording studio, wrote the lyrics, got all the mates involved - without anyone at any point realising what a tone deaf idea it was.

As for the heart rending refrain: "Don't they know we can't afford to pay?" they do, which is why you don't have to pay back until you're earning more than 21k - and going on the evidence of this, more is the pity.  Perhaps a genuinely punitive US style system of fees and debts really might put kids off spending three years mucking about with their mates making films no one will watch.  As it is, their vision of empty lecture halls and empty recording studios will remain sadly unrealised - not that of course any of them will apologise for their scare tactics when this turns out to be the case. 

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