Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Phil Woolas isn't that bad...

Were all those Lib Dem MPs lying about fees if they meant it at the time? | Michael White's political briefing | Comment is free | The Guardian

And so the apologists start. This just goes to show yet again how Labour have a monopoly on morality. You can absolutely guarantee that if a Tory had done what Woolas did, no words of condemnation would be spared. Blimey, I think people would have been shocked if a BNP member had said the things he did. But because he's Labour, then it seems that he is allowed to foment race hatred, because I guess, you know, well, his heart is in the right place.

Thus, we have Michael White claiming that Woolas stirring up race hate is exactly the same as the Lib Dems compromising in coalition. Exactly the same. Not a word about how Labour broke how many of their manifesto commitments in 1997, despite not being in coalition and having a gigantic mandate to enforce that manifesto. I guess that is different again, because, well, you know, we can trust Labour.

Amusingly, White seems to have gone too far even for some of the rabid anti Lib Dems on Comment Is Free. Hallelujah, there are some limits to Labour's monopoly on morality. If you deliberately tell lies about your opponent and design a campaign strategy that aims to get the white vote angry, then most Labour voters will think that's a bit worse than working together with another party to redesign the tuition fees system.

It's good to know.


  1. One of the nastiest, most racist creatures I had the misfortune to come across was a leading Labour councillor.

    Good blog, by the way.