Thursday, 18 November 2010

More Labour reactionaries

So one post on Labour list says the goverment is:
 a reactionary coalition government 
And then the next post, a summary of PMQs.  Douglas Alexander says don't cut public sector jobs, John Healey says don't reform the NHS, Ed Balls says don't let police retire, Andy Burnham says don't touch school sport.

As I have been saying in all my posts on here, more Labour reactionaries. Except that now they've got the cheek to call the government reactionary.

Just a few definitions here for you:

Reactionary (also reactionist) refers to any political or social movement or ideology that seeks a return to a previous state (the status quo ante).

One who is opposed to change.

That would be this Labour government then, with its big beasts like Balls, Burnham and Alexander longing for a return to the halcyon days of New Labour.

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